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Enjoy your healthy food each day with 100% natural products.

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Canarian products
fresh and seasonal

Meals controlled by portions, designed by nutricionist, optimized for good health, no added sugars, gluten free, no processed foods, chemical or preservatives.

Save time
Forget about going shopping, cooking your tuppers and clean the kitchen.

Save money
Get your meals from only 6,60 Euros. ¡Make number and you will see the savings!

Win health and achieve your goals
Eating healthy and balanced you will feel much better from the first week.

Dare to feel and look yourself well!

Our menus are designed to attend people who care about eating well, in a healthy and balanced way. Also for thouse who wwnt to achieve their goals with the help of food, whether to increase muscle mass, loose weight, follow the Paleo diet, eat vegetarian, or simply eat healthy and balanced.

We do not add any type of chemical or preservatives and we only use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil for the cooking of our elaborations.
  • Veggie Xl Connatura Food
    28,00336,00 taxes included

    Menú Veggie XL

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  • menú funcional flex
    28,00336,00 taxes included

    Menú Funcional Flex

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  • Menú Konsciente
    29,00170,00 taxes included

    Menú KONSCIENTE by Natalia Croissier

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  • Menú Low Carb
    28,00336,00 taxes included

    Low Carb Menu

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  • Menú Veggie
    27,00300,00 taxes included

    Veggie Menu

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  • Menú Sano
    25,00292,00 taxes included

    Healthy Menu

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The menus change every week, with an extensive repertoire of recipes and culinary techniques worlwide. You will not get bored!

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