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  1. What meals does the half menu and the full menu include?
    Meals menus consist of 6 dishes a week, lunch or dinner. The complete menus consist of 12 courses, lunches and dinners, from Monday to Saturday.
  2. What is the subscriber fee?
    Subscriber fees correspond to the monthly and advance payment.
  3. What are the conditions of the rate paid?
    Monthly and advance payment, without the right to cancel or change menus.
  4. What menu can I choose to lose weight?
    We recommend the Paleo, Keto and Sano menus for weight loss. The best thing is that you contact us so that we can guide you on which menu is the most suitable for you.
  5. Until what day can I place an order?
    Delivery of menus on Mondays: the order must be made as maximum term, Thursday at 5pm.
    Delivery of menus on Thursdays: the order must be made as a maximum term, on Tuesday at 5pm.
  6. When is an order collected?
    The delivery and collection of menus are made twice a week, Monday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  1. Where is the order collected?
    You can pick up your order at our 7 Palmas stores in Las Palmas de G.C. in our store located in Playa de Arinaga (Agüimes), in the Macrofit Gym of Juan XXIII (Las Palmas) or in the Ramos Cabrera Herbalist (Doctoral-Vecindario). In addition, we have the collaboration of various establishments on the island as collection points, where you can pick up your menu without additional costs. If you still prefer that we deliver it to you at home or at work, check the delivery rate and schedules.
  2. Are there delivery services?
    Yes, we deliver throughout the island. Contact us and find out about the delivery rates.
  3. Do I have to order a menu for the whole week?
    The minimum order is 3 dishes per delivery, Monday or Thursday.
  4. How do you pay?
    The menus are paid at the time of delivery, with card or cash, this in case if you pass through our stores or your home. In the case of collection points, the payment must be made in advance by bank transfer.
  5. Where can I see the menus?
    In our menu section you will see our menus updated twice a week.

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